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Picture vibrant taskbars with office plants, kombucha on tap, and a varied network of professionals working in lounges, hot desks, and food cabinets. Coworking spaces best portray the fresh style of the workday, and the growth of these shared offices in cities and urban centers shows no signs of slowing. Coworking spaces, particularly for small and growing businesses, can be ideal offices for a variety of reasons, including cost savings and increased collaboration opportunities. Small enterpreneurs, freelancers, and other employers should use coworking spaces to get work done, network,and engage in their local business community. What was once a relatively unknown notion has now become a reality. Coworking is more than just a trendy overworked phrase. It’s a notion that’s changing the way people work in order to keep up with the fast-paced nature of todays global economy. Unsurprisingly , there are a number of significant coworkingspace benefits, that explain why the idea of a shared workplace is becoming increasingly popular. Demand for coworking space and shared offices is on the rise as more businesses than ever look to this flexible way of working to reduce costs, expand into new markets and increase agility. Whats is a coworking space? It’s a shared office, a coworking space givesSMEs ,entrepreneurs and freelancers acess to all the facilities and perks of conventional office space, without a traditional lease and all the hidden costs that go with it. Coworking spaces are traditionally open plan environments; tenants pay for the space they need via a membership fee, giving them access to a mix of private and communal areas. This way of working offers superior flexibility in that it allows a business to grow or downsize as needed, with contracts lasting as little as month. Coworking can improve productivity, with 71% of coworkers saying they feel more creative in a coworking space, while 68% say they are able to focus more. What started as an attractive solution for freelancers and individuals feeling isolated working from home, has since become a global trend among businesses of all sizes. Coworking space have many benefits… ➢ Saves money – eliminates the hidden costs and risks of owning your own office and simply pay for the space you need. With a coworking office,there is no traditional lease or any of the hidden costs that go with it. ➢ Improve networking – the collaborative nature of coworking space is ideal to improve networking opportunities and start new conversations with everyone from potential clients to business partners. ➢ Increase creativity – design inspired office space setting , creative community cultures, regular educational events and perk like indoor gyms or game areas all work to foster greater creativity and productivity in a coworkingenvironment. ➢ Impress clients – hold important meetings and conferences from a fully- kitted out office space at a desirable business address. ➢ Increase flexibility – contracts are available for as little as one month. ➢ Speed to market – move in on the day you sign and begin working immediately with plug and play facilities. ➢ Scale your business – occupy as little as one desk, with the flexibility to expand as needed. This gives you the opportunity to grow your team at your own pace. ➢ Use state-of-the-art equipment and facilities – coworkingspaces are furnished, pre- cabled and full of different amenities, from coffee shops and restaurants to conference rooms, breakaway areas, exercise areas and more. ➢ Penetrate new markets – access new cities, sectors and markets anywhere without the added pressure of office space. You’ll find coworking spaces virtually every majority city in the world. ➢ Comfort – comfort is central to coworking, not only in the physical sense, but cognitively as well. Well- furnished spaces with unique ambiance put workers at ease, while lack of inter- office politicking and forced participation relax the mind. Coworking delivers the peace needed to focus on the work. The cost of office space is rising. Globalization has created a 24 hour business cycle at the same time work-life balance tops the list of employee demands. These factors govern the modern business think about their work place. To remain competitive and successful, companies need to cultivate a workplace that supports these trends. Or, they can recognize coworking benefits and leave the struggle of workspace optimization to someone else. Many companies are exploring the benefits of coworking and are seeing the broad – ranging possibilities of transitioning employees to remote workplaces. Coworking not only brings much- needed flexibility to the physical challenges of office space, but also to how employees do work . Coworking is a natural solution to outsourcing office space.


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Cheapest Virtual office Space in Kochi

Why spend money unnecessary renting and furnishing a office space with full-time staff We provide the best virtual and Physical office space in affordable price if need a professional address and landline connection for your business or You need to Startup your business in Single Place with Official Address GST Registration and Company Setup , we help you for your Startup including Bank account Opening and all Paperwork and Licensing